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19 Upcoming Horror Movies We're Dying to See!

#19: Rogue
Release Date: TBA
Aussie writer/director Gregg McLean follows up his incendiary feature length debut Wolf Creek with Rogue; a movie that highlights the travails of American journalists touring the Australian outback. Once there, they encounter man eating crocodile out for fresh feast; picking off the tourists one by one from a stranded muddy oasis. If this packs half the punch of Wolf Creek, this could be a bonafide '08 sleeper. The movie stars Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, John Jarratt (Wolf Creek's villain) and Robert Taylor (of Matrix fame). A tentative U.S. release date is un-slated at the moment.

#18: The Box
Release Date: TBA 2008
After Richard Kelly's sublime, cryptically dark cult debut Donnie Darko, it took him seven or so odd years to release his sophomore effort Southland Tales, a widely lambasted debacle of a film that resonated with neither audiences nor critics. It appears his plans as auteur have been relegated to work for hire, now Kelly opens The Box; about a couple who mysteriously receives a small wooden box on their doorstep. Opening the box rewards with the couple with instant wealth; yet little do they know that every time the box is opened, a complete and total strange is killed. The movie features James Marsden, Cameron Diaz and Frank Langella, based on the storied urban legend by Richard Matheson. The movie is in post-production and will be released some time in 2008.

#17: Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Release Date: July 11, 2008.
The Golden Army - Though not technically a horror film proper, Guillermo Del Toro returns with his kick ass off beat comic book character with Ron Perlman reprising the titular role. Not only directing, Del Toro's new script will focus on Hellboy and his team's attempt to save planet Earth from rebellious creatures out to conquer the world, stopping at nothing short of all out intergalactic war. On board this time are the familiar faces of John Hurt, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Brian Steele and Jeffery Tambor, among others.

#16: Cell
Release Date: TBA
Horror icon Stephen King lends his conception of a zombie filled technological future run amok in Eli Roth's new film Cell. The writer/director of Cabin Fever, the highly successful Hostel and Hostel Part II, now tries his hand at adapting perhaps the most notorious of difficult material in the genre; a King novel. The film revolves around a deadly pulse that radiates through the every cell phone; causing each user to degenerate into flesh hungry fiends out to eviscerate all who stand in there way. The film is currently in pre-production and is scheduled to hit theaters some time in 2009.

#15: Teeth
Release Date: May 6, 2008 (video)
Well, what can we say about Teeth? Perhaps the best premise combining horror with humor in the most unique way since, I don't know, Re-Animator? Evil Dead 2 maybe! Writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of Pop Art pioneer Roy Lichtenstein) takes his first bite out of filmmaking with Teeth; a picture about a young girl who develops deadly fangs along the inside walls of her gender region. She lures horny teenage boys like flies to a trap, offering them something intimate they'll never forget. I mean, I've heard of a girl being a dog, but canines in her crack? DAMN!! The flick stars Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais, Hale Appleman, and Ashley Springer. Teeth starts with a limited release in May 2008, hoping for wider distribution in the months to come.

#14: Machete
Release Date: TBA
Robert Rodriguez's send up to action exploitation can never be more evident than his soon to be straight to video release of Machete. The film stars Danny Trejo as a one time Mexican Federale, hired and ultimately set up to assassinate a corrupt senator. As Machete survives an onslaught of initial attacks, he sets out to exact revenge on those conspiring to ensure his demise. Though not your typical horror fare, this will certainly have plenty of blood shed, campy humor, nudity, even cooler 70's low budget production values, and an awesome throw back soundtrack. Fun, if nothing else! No release date has been set. Note: below is the faux trailer of Machete from the film Grindhouse and not the official trailer for the planned full length film.

#13: Mirrors
Release Date: August 15, 2008
Alexandre Aja seems to be cornering the horror remake market. After his 2006 rendition of The Hills Have Eyes Aja is now focusing his efforts on the remake of perhaps the most original Asian (South Korea) horror flick to come out in many a moon, Into the Mirror. The film, about a mall security guard who notices strange happenings in a department store, focuses on one man's tireless determination to solve mysterious murders linked with the mirrors that align the store. Aja has locked familiar American talent such as Kiefer Southerland, Amy Smart, Paula Patton, as well as British imports John Shrapnel and Jason Femyng.

#12: The Ruins
Release Date: April 4, 2008
Director Carter Smith tackles his first horror effort with The Ruins; a film about a group of young twenty something friends whose rural Mexican vacation gets side swiped upon the decision to explore an archeological dig in the heart of the jungle. Inside the ruins, an ancient evil presence festers and threatens to overtake every last newcomer; a premise that pits the survivors against each other as much as against the root of the evil (ala The Thing). The Ruins features Jonathon Tucker, Jenna Malone, Shawn Ashmore, Laura Ramsey and Joe Anderson.

#11: Giallo
Release Date: TBA 2008
Argento returns to his roots with Giallo, a slasher flick cut from the same cloth as Tenebrae, Deep Red and Opera. This time out, we have an American stewardess in Milan, who must cooperate with an Italian detective to reclaim her abducted sister from a deadly assailant simply known as "Yellow." In addition to literally translating in Italian as "Yellow," the word Giallo has come to represent a film genre unto itself; one featuring elaborate, bloodletting death scenes accompanied with strange musical tones and ambient sounds (Argento and Bava being the fathers). Along with daughter Asia Argento, Ray Liotta and Elsa Pataky will also star in Dario's latest dance with the dead. Giallo is in pre-production and has a provisional 2008 release date.

#10: The Midnight Meat Train
Release Date: May 16, 2008
From the demented mind of horror veteran Clive Barker, comes the twisted story of The Midnight Meat Train, where a photographer in the Big Apple is hell bent on tracking down and ending the life of a rampant serial killer. This particular yarn weaves horror with mystery as well as elements of the crime thriller; all helmed by Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura, who's dipped into this sort of territory with prior works such as Alive, Sky High (not the Kurt Russell piece) and Versus. The script is adapted by up and coming horror enthusiast Jeff Buhler, who currently has his own feature length horror debut in post-production called Insanitarium, which also might be worth keeping eyes on. The film stars Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper and Brooke Shields.

#9: Silent Night, Deadly Night
Release Date: TBA
Easily one of the most inspired, yet polemical slasher flicks ever to be sprung into the mainstream; Alexandre Aja is back at rehashing good ideas with his remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. The movie focuses on a maniacal psycho killer who roams the streets of a small town decked in a Santa Clause outfit, viciously laying to waste all who cross his path; gorily disposing all he deems naughty, on Christmas Eve no less. The original '84 version was met with rabid criticism and protest, and although Aja can't seem to conjure an original idea for himself, he does seem to have a flare for directing this kind of material. No actors are on board yet, and a release date is nowhere in sight.

#8: Mother of Tears
Release Date: June 6, 2008
The undisputed maestro of Italian punk splatter Dario Argento is back at work, adding to his impressive oeuvre with the conclusion of the "Three Mothers" trilogy; the final installment being Mother of Tears. The film is set in Rome, where an ancient urn discovered in a cemetery becomes pierced, unleashing an evil spirit that plagues the city with murder, rape, looting; all around violent chaos. The fate of the city is left in the hands of a young art student, who with her own supernatural ability; has finally met her ultimate match. The film stars Asia Argento, Dario Nicolodi, Udo Kier, and Christian Solimeno; and a limited NC-17 theatrical release is in negotiation.

#7: 25/8
Release Date: TBA 2009
With recent artistic departures in films like Red Eye, and Paris, I Love You, Wes Craven is back with slasher vengeance in his newest project 25/8. Like many of the highly esteemed directors listed above, we all hope that one last savage entry into the genre will debunk any notion of these men slipping into effete categorization of washed up old hacks. In 25/8, a homicidal psychopath returns to his home town to stalk a handful of children who share the same birthday as the day he was left for dead. Not only directing, Craven penned his own script, and since the film is merely in pre-production without a cast, a 2009 release is looking more and more imminent.

#6: Wizard of Gore
Release Date: TBA
Herschell Gordon Lewis' original vision was so offbeat and underground that it took two years after the film was wrapped to find distribution. Almost four decades later, director Jeremy Kasten, who's headed such horror fare as All Souls Day and The Thirst, takes Allen Kahn's story updated by Zach Chassler, and attempts to put his own stamp on it. The flick is centered on a sadistic magician who finds pleasure in maiming, torturing and brutally killing his on stage volunteers. Or so it would seem! The movie will feature Crispin Glover, Bijou Philips, Brad Dourif, Kip Pardue and Jeffrey Combs. A release date has not been ascertained as of yet.

#5: From a Buick 8
Release Date: TBA 2009
Speaking of the aforementioned Tobe Hooper, the man responsible for genre greats like Eaten Alive, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Funhouse; also has the pick back in hand, ready to carve another master work in the Stephen King adaptation of From a Buick 8. The film highlights a strange car looking vessel, a Buick 8; that serves as a portal into another dark dimension for human beings to experience. Those who have read the book know this bears no resemblance to King's other automotive horror story, Christine. The film is currently in pre-production and is chalked for an unknown 2009 release.

#4: Stuck / House of Re-Animator
Release Date: May 30, 2008 (Stuck); TBA (House of Re-Animator)
Stuart Gordon, chiefly known for his comic horror gem Re-Animator, has immersed himself in the horror world once again, steadfast at work with the release of his next two features. The first, Stuck, is a blood-splattered horror/thriller dealing with the intricacies of a hit and run car accident, and the fate of being "stuck" in the wrong place at the wrong time. The flick stars Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea with a hopeful limited release to start May 30, 2008. Not to be outdone however, Gordon goes back to the well with the announcement of House of Re-Animator, delivering Jeffrey Combs' iconic role of Herbert West into the White House for some presidential comic gore. Along with Combs, George Wendt and William H. Macy are attached to star. No release date is set.

#3: L.A. Gothic
Release Date: TBA 2008
Along with colleagues like Argento, Hooper and Gordon, working on the Showtime series "Masters of Horror," has seemed to pump new, invigorated blood into horror legend John Carpenter. With a slew of misses (albeit at times fun) like Ghosts of Mars and Vampires, Carpenter now devotes his time and effort to L.A. Gothic; a quintet of horror stories surrounding an ex-Priest's fervent attempt to save his teenage daughter from the unnecessary evils of the Los Angeles underworld. With a hopeful 2008 release, so far only Brent Gorcie is rumored to play a part.

#2: Frankenstein
Release Date: TBA
Although Guillermo del Toro has been relatively silent about his plans to direct his own version of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, we're still extremely excited the acclaimed director is even considering to provide his own take on the classic story. Del Toro, who is known for directing Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, and other films, has said that he believes that he'll be able to "tell the myth in a different way." Prior Del Toro fare in the horror world include Mimic and the must see Cronos.

#1: Drag Me to Hell
Release Date: TBA
Before becoming an A-list director behind behemoth blockbusters like the Spiderman franchise, Sam Raimi was deeply steeped in the horror genre. He pushed the envelope with The Evil Dead series, combining technical ingenuity with a blend of horrific and humorous story elements. Not only that, but he basically apotheosized the character of Ash, the immortal Bruce Campbell camp cult hero. And now, for the first time since '92, he returns to the genre with Drag Me to Hell, about a supernatural curse gone awry, permeating a human host. So far, Justin Long is in line to star, an unsettled 2009 release date to be seen.

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