Friday, September 26, 2008

The Digg Files: I Want To Believe

- Time is our enemy!
- What’s this supposed to mean?
- Something that I’ve been afraid of and haven’t had to face until now.
- What? What!?! Just say it.
- It is not that simple .. I have 6 arms! But who believes that crap anymore?

mbm digging with six arms

- Well, they do at the Digg community, apparently… I had a visitor today… The Digg wants your help finding a missing story.
- Well, I hope you told them to go screw themselves?
- They say ‘all is forgiven. That they’ll drop all charges against you if you come in and help them solve this case.
- The Digg community will forgive me? They put me on trial on bogus charges and tried to discredit a decade of my work. They should be asking me for my forgiveness.
- I think they are. Desperately.