Friday, August 14, 2009


Apparently there was a running joke on the set of Inglourious Basterds, whereby if a castmember was caught sleeping, they would get their picture taken with a giant purple dildo, and that giant purple dildo was named Gerry. I would’ve called it “Danny Masterson.”

Actor Michael Fassbender admits he was one of the only castmates not to make the board - because he found ways of sleeping in secret. He tells WENN, “Big Gerry was a giant purple dildo, very large in girth and length. Basically, anybody that was caught going to sleep would get photographed with Big Jerry the dildo somewhere near their face and put up on the Board of Shame. The idea was three strikes and you’re out. This kind of really worried me because I have a tendency to nap. If I have 10 or 15 minutes you’d find me in a corner underneath something but I never got caught. Brad (Pitt) was up there once on the Board of Shame, Gedeon Burkhard got caught twice, Diane (Kruger) was on the board… There was a lot of people on that board.” [ONTD]

Well isn’t that cute. It’s nice to see that even people living the dream, making the kind of movies most people can only dream of making, with some of the biggest stars in the world can still find the time to have fun. Heartwarming, really. It’s kind of like how sometimes I shower just to put on pajamas, and only because I can’t stand the smell of myself. Blogging is so glamorous. Hey, know who else has a wall of dildos? You guessed it, your mom.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jerry O'Connell Enrolls in Law School

Jerry O'Connell has gone back to school, his rep confirms to

The actor, 35, recently enrolled at Los Angeles' Southwestern Law School.

"I had always planned on continuing my education at some point and because my wife is working on Eastwick, which is on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. this fall, and I'm home all day with the girls, I figured I would take a couple of classes at night," O'Connell tells Us. "It was either that or play video games until 2 a.m."

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O'Connell "is very excited to be starting his law school education here at Southwestern," Leslie Steinberg, the school's Assistant Dean of Public Affairs, tells Us. "He just had orientation last week, and he started classes this week."

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Steinberg says that even though O'Connell -- who welcomed twins with wife Rebecca Romijn last January -- has "been out of school for awhile," he's "very excited and enthusiastic" about his studies.

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She adds that O'Connell decided to enroll there because he was "very impressed with the faculty and the vibe here. This is brand new to him as well. He's very much looking forward to his education.

A fellow student posted on Twitter's CelebSightings earlier this week: "Actor Jerry O'Connell is at orientation @ Southwestern Law School. He is an entering night student, mingling @ mixer."

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