Thursday, February 28, 2008

Must Watch: Brand New Get Smart Trailer!

A brand new trailer for Get Smart has finally debuted. I talked extensively about how awesome this was in my WonderCon coverage, and now it's finally here! Get Smart stars Steve Carell as Agent 86 and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 and is based on the classic Mel Brooks TV show. This looks amazingly hilarious! I know I say that a lot, but this time I'm 100% there. Steve Carell looks like he's going to pull off Maxwell Smart almost better than Don Adams, and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looks hilarious. And did I mention Anne Hathaway is smokin' hot? Especially in those cute pink undies… Now I'm think you really NEED to watch this!

Watch the new trailer for Get Smart:

You can also watch the Get Smart trailer in High Definition at Apple

Get Smart is directed by comedic mastermind Pete Segal, who previously directed Naked Gun 33 1/3, Tommy Boy, Anger Management and 50 First Dates. The script was writen by Tom J. Astle (Failure to Launch) and Matt Ember (Failure to Launch). The movie is based on the classic 1960's TV show created by Mel Brooks. Get Smart hits theaters everywhere this summer on June 20th.

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