Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CraigsList Gets 20 y/o Opening for Sold Out Dead Prez Show

You really can get anything on craigslist- even an opening slot for a sold out Friday night show on the Sunset Strip. I saw an ad that requested opening acts for some vague event, sent a link and a demo their way and was flabbergasted (only appropriate word) when I got a prompt response asking if I was available to open for Dead Prez. I never thought that browsing craigslist looking for any available gigs would land my 20 year old self on stage at the Key Club in front of a sold out show opening up for one of my favorite duos. It truly is a brave new world.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to show their support, all the other opening acts, Sean Healey Presents for booking me, the Key Club for their hospitality and Dead Prez for having me as one of their openers. I know I had a great time. Please enjoy a rough (but not fully accurate) version of my set as well as the accompanying video show below. Brilliantly photographed images were taken by John Shearer who graciously offered his services in exchange for my sibling's hand.

Original here

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