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Super High Me - Doug Benson Interview

Everyone who knows me, knows that Brown Bear loves to smoke the greens. It enhances pretty much every facet of my lifestyle. I like the taste, the smell, the ritual, and the benefits of smoking. Sure it's taken a toll on my brain cells but I combat that with reading, writing, exercise, Kumon, and putting it in the ladies on the regular basis.

You could imagine my surprise when I found out that Doug Benson (Comedy Central Presents, Curb Your Enthusiasm) was releasing a documentary about smoking cheeb everyday for 30 days. It's a spoof on Super Size Me and the idea is brilliant. For a second there I thought "well I've been smoking for 30 days straight", but then I talked to him and realized it was more complicated than that.

I like his stand up comedy, I like his SuperDeluxe stuff, and I love this trailer. He's a solid dude and a friend of Lets Get Tight. Also look for cameo appearances by Zach Galifianakis and Bob Odenkirk.

Here is the Trailer for Super High Me:

Here is an Interview with LGT's Brown Bear and comedian Doug Benson

What made you want to make Super High Me? Were you legitimately smoking everyday beforehand or was this actually something you set out to do? In other words, were you a pothead or did you challenge yourself to become one?

DB: Before making the movie I was what some would call a heavy pot smoker - most days, if not at 4:20, at least in the evening. I'd wake and bake on occasion, like on days that end in "ay." No, actually, I only wake and bake on days when I don't have much to do. Which as a stand-up comedian, is a lot of days. But I had never smoked all day, every day for 30 days, so I thought it might be tough. Turns out, it wasn't. And you can find out - first shamless plug alert! - when and where SUPER HIGH ME is playing near you by going to

What is your favorite thing to do when you are baked?

DB: Everything. But if I had to choose, I'd have to say going to Disneyland. I like to get ripped in the parking lot. But then at the end of the day, I don't remember if I parked in Daisy or Donald. I prefer to park it in Daisy, if you know what I mean.

What do you think of weed culture in America these days? Do you think it can be cheesy? Do you think it could use some improvement?

DB: People of all walks of life smoke weed, but the hippies are the most up front about it, so they call all the attention, much of it negative. Sure, you can get lazy and forget things if you smoke a ton of pot, but I know some pretty articulate and clever people who blaze up every day. The stereotype of stoners who wear hemp clothes and play hacky-sack and follow jam bands around the country doesn't apply to me or most of my pot smoking freinds. Not that I have a problem with those people - i like anyone who smokes, especially if they share. I just like showing in my stand-up and in The Marijuana-logues ( and in Super High Me that there are lots of different types of potheads.

What is your favorite music to listen to when you're cooked?

DB: I can listen to anything when I'm ripped. But here's another stereotype that doesn't apply to me: I'm not that into reggae. It's cool sometimes, but I like stuff that's more aggresive.

What is your favorite weed related flick? (i.e. Half Baked, Cheech and Chong, etc)

DB: Dazed and Confused by a mile. Because it's not just about getting stoned, and most of the characters who smoke aren't dumb. But when it comes to playing a dopey doper, Sean Penn in Fast Times and Brad Pitt in True Romance are my favorites. For more of what I think about films, check out I Love Movies at:

What do you think of the laws surrounding the use and distribution of marijuana in America?

DB: It's a messed up situation, and you'll see just how messed up if you watch Super High Me. In California, state law says you can smoke marijuana for medicianl purposes, but federal law still says it's illegal. So the places that sell medical marijauna get busted by the feds all the time. You can see it happening twice in Super High Me and it's a real eye opener.

What is your most enjoyed strain of herb?

DB: Supposedly someone in Tennessee named a strain "Doug Benson." But I haven't had the opportunity to try that, so I have to go with a strain at last year's Cannabis Cup called Choco-lope. It was an award winner, I think. But usually my favorite strain is the last one I smoked.

What is the most potent herb you smoked in your 30 day quest? What was the result of smoking it?


DB: I smoked so many different kinds every day, all day, I couldn't tell you what was the best and the strongest. I would be a shitty judge at Cannabis Cup - I don't know how they tell the difference after smoking five (or more) kinds in one day.

Did you ever get overcome by paranoia and go running through the streets or act a fool because you couldn't take your mind boggling high?

No. I keep waiting to have that one paranoid high that makes a person quit for life, but something tells me it's never gonna happen. I get a little paranoid sometimes, but I've never done something crazy and then blamed it on pot later. Alcohol is another story.

What is your favorite snack treat?

DB: There's too many to mention. I love to eat crap, and unfortunately, I love it even more when I'm high.

What was the weirdest concoction of food you ate after smoking?

DB: One time when I was high I discovered that I like the taste of having a fortune cookie and a piece of Mongolian beef in my mouth at the same time. Seriously, you should try it.

Who is your favorite known stoner and why?

DB: Tommy Chong. Because he's a nice guy and went to prison for the cause. I got to hang out with him quite a bit when he sat in with us in The Marijuana-logues, and he told us he did a lot of sleeping while he was incarcerated, because "you're never in jail in your dreams." That shit blew my mind.

What about the world blows your mind when you aren't stoned?

That anyone thinks a cancer patient or someone with AIDS shouldn't be allowed to smoke pot to feel better. Or that anyone thinks no one should be allowed to smoke pot for whatever reason they want. Especially if they do it in the privacy of their own homes, or in an empty parking lot.

When weed is available in vending machines throughout the nation (maybe someday), what would you like to see in the vending machines other than weed?

DB: Some sort of snack that makes you lose weight.

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