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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tom Cruise, Spoofed by Superhero Movie

The trend of releasing sequences from upcoming films online has taken off over the past few monthsAlien vs. Predator: Requiem did it, Dark Knight did it, Walk Hard did it. But never has it made as much sense than in the case of upcoming spoof flick Superhero Movie, which has posted a two-minute clip that will look familiar to fans of Tom Cruise (or Jerry O’Connell):

In this excerpt, Miles Fisher does an eerily dead-on impersonation of Cruise’s infamous leaked Scientology indoctrination video. (I think Jerry O’Connell gets the voice a little better, actually, but Fisher’s laugh is just exceptional.) Although the title might lead one to believe that the movie is directed by the same, um, “filmmakers” behind such, er, “films” as Date Movie and Epic Movie, Superhero Movie is actually written and directed by Craig Mazin, who, while credited as a writer on the last few Scary Movies, has a proven track record when it comes to satirizing superheroes in a creative way.
How this clip actually fits into the film is of course completely unclear — though clues such as “Dragonfly…He can’t even fly! I, I can fly…” indicate it has something to do with the film’s main character. And the overall quality of this spoof is a sign that even if Mazin is following the format of previous pop culture parodies, he’s at least pushing it to the next level — specifically, the funny place.

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