Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who Might Be The Next Spider-Man?

El Mayimbe here with a HUGE SCOOP to start off the week.

It seems like Spider Man 4 and 5 is going full steam ahead.

Over the Holiday weekend, Kellvin got a tip from a trusted source as to whom may be the next Peter Parker/Spider Man in the upcoming films. Because my batting average has been pretty good lately, Kelvin and I decided to sit on it until Hollywood went back to work today and I can get more concrete info. This morning, I made some calls to my guys, fished around and here is what I managed to find out.

Laura Ziskin and Grant Curtis are tossing names around. NO OFFERS HAVE BEEN YET. That being said, the name at the top of their list to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman is…

You may recognize Patrick from SPUN, WRISTCUTTERS and his breakout performance in ALMOST FAMOUS.

My personal thoughts? Fugit looks like Peter Parker to me.

I also managed to find out that if Fugit doesn’t work out, the Spiderman producers ARE EVEN WILLING TO GO YOUNGER.

Who is the name on that list?



Michael actually played a superhero in SKY HIGH and was most recently seen FORBIDDEN KINGDOM. Michael even auditioned for the postponed Justice League film.

You know that Fugit and Angarano played the same character in ALMOST FAMOUS? Angarano played the younger version of William in ALMOST FAMOUS while Fugit played the older version.

So what do guys think?

Stay tuned as more develops.

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