Friday, June 6, 2008

Indiana Jones' Crash Course in Wooing Women

Harrison Ford has played an endless string of studly characters over the years, but none more dashing than Indiana Jones. What exactly is it about Indy that drives women wild?

Is it the bull whip? the hat? the ability to dodge rolling boulders?

More importantly, what can we learn from his success to increase our own luck with the ladies?

Is it the Fedora? Maybe. Not many men can pull off a hat and women love a man who can do so with style. Wearing a baseball cap backwards doesn’t count—that’s ended a few dinner plans for me in the past.

Is it the adventure-loving part of his personality? Well, maybe not adventure loving, but he has a habit of attracting trouble; a gravitational pull not unlike the bad boy’s — and we all know about women and their love of bad boys.

Therein lies Indy’s #1 lure: Will you be the woman who can keep him teetering back and forth solely between books and sex, ending the crypt-robbing and the mummifying, taking him from a tomb to your womb. Damn, I could go on and on!

A recent Gallup poll showed that the extraordinarily popular “Dangerous Book for Boys” was one of the top choices purchases by women for the man in their life last year, whether he’s 13 or 30. One woman states, “Every female loves a man who can do some of the stuff in this book. All of it? You can have any woman you want!”

I own a copy and can do nothing listed in the book. Plus, it has three rings on the cover from where Red Bull cans sat atop it. “Dangerous Book for Boys” details how to do such things as building a fire and making smoke signals, filing stones to fashion your own arrows, etc. It’s basically Boy Scouts 2.0.

It’s no surprise women want to feel safe with a guy- if their car breaks down he’ll be able to identify edible blackberries rather than rely on his Blackberry to get them out of a jam. Roughing it is not vacationing somewhere without a Starbucks. Well, really it is, but you get my point.

Here’s why women “dig” Indy:

1) He’s passionate. Sure, it’s about humdrum hieroglyphics but it’s something, and it ain’t video games.

2) He’s intelligent. Even the hardest-partying, easygoing woman prefers a guy who can, say...okay, maybe not read a map, but at least a fortune cookie.

3) He has fears and isn’t afraid to cop to them. Indy has a thing about snakes—they terrify him and are the only things that do. Cop to a fear in front of a woman and let the swooning begin. Just don’t let it be clowns—that’s played out.

Even the most teenage boy-driven fictional hero, someone created solely with a male demographic in mind, can still teach you a thing or two about the opposite sex. In fact, the only thing that could make Indiana Jones sexier to women is if Johnny Depp played him.

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