Wednesday, June 4, 2008

James McAvoy, Ron Perlman To Star In The Hobbit?

Budgets must be tight at The Hobbit. Why else would they want a tiny, wee actor like James McAvoy to play the lead role of Bilbo Baggins unless they wanted to save on the special effects?

The annoying Scottish star has been heavily linked to be the star of the heavily-anticipated movie, which will be directed by Guillermo Del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson.

And, you have to say, he would be perfect as a hobbit. Well, he’s already about 3ft tall.

Now, Guillermo Del Toro refused to say just who they have in mind for the part, saying:

“I can tell you it’s down to a few names that we all agree upon. For our first choice, completely magically, we all have the same name.”

However, sources close to the project allegedly told The Daily Express:

“A number of names have been doing the rounds, including Daniel Radcliffe and Jack Black, but James (McAvoy) is the one the film’s bosses really want. They’re expected to have talks soon, so hopefully it could be confirmed in the not too distant future.”

If these are the best they can come up with, it might actually be a good thing that the film could be stopped in its tracks before it’s even started.

Hang on - Jack Black?!? Now, that would be odd!

Anyway, so The Daily Express say they have sources close to the project do they? Since, this is a newspaper which is only interested in reporting about Princess Diana more than a decade after her death, can we really take them seriously?

Daniel Radcliffe, Jack Black and James McAvoy? Aren’t they just naming small actors? Why isn’t Tom Cruise in there? They could save on effects there too.

Also, the fact, James McAvoy has a few films coming out soon (which we refuse to name), could this just be a PR stunt?

Well, like every other website, hecklerspray has taken the bait. But, thankfully, they could be saved by the fact Ron Perlman is probably going to be in the film.

Del Toro was recently quoted saying he wants the Hellboy star in the film, possibly as the voice of Smaug, although he also says he has ‘other plans’ for Perlman.

Sir Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis will also reprise their roles.

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