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Ten Movie Superheroes Who Could Take on The Hulk

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It is well known that is the strongest superhero out there. But could he win a fight with anyone? It’s been contemplated in the comics for years, with the Hulk going up against some of the most powerful superheroes.

But let’s talk movies. Would Brandon Routh’s stand a chance against the green giant? What about Christian Bale’s ? Here who we think might actually stand a chance against from the new film.

Flame on!

Marv from Sin City

10. Marv from

He’s not really a superhero, but he’s probably the only regular human who would be stubborn enough to give it a try. Sure, he would lose in the end, but he’d put up a hell of a fight.

Hellboy from the Hellboy series

9. from the series

Like Marv from , would probably end up losing, but he’d get some good licks in. Plus, he’s got the whole devil-as-his-father thing going on, so might be able to go the distance.

Rogue from the X-Men series

8. Rogue from the series

You can’t exactly call the Hulk a mutant, but if Rogue would be able to steal his powers, it would leave Bruce Banner alone and almost naked with a new She-Hulk to deal with.

Batman from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

7. from Begins and The Dark Knight

First, let me say that we’re talking about Christian Bale’s here. Sure, Michael Keaton could have a go, but the Val Kilmer or George Clooney versions would get completely trounced. But the “good” , being the world’s greatest detective, would be able to figure out a way to beat the Hulk… we would think.

The Fantastic Four from The Fantastic Four series

6. from series

They’ve gone head to head with the Hulk in the comics as well as in the various animated series. Everyone always wants to see a face-off between the big green guy and the Thing, but it would take all four of them to even think about beating the Hulk.

Superman from Superman and Superman II

5. from and II

Like our entry, we have the caveat that it would be Christopher Reeves’ that could stand a chance. The Brandon Routh version was too much of a perv and a bit of a pansy.

Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen

4. Dr. Manhattan from

Here’s where the real contenders start. Dr. Manhattan is able to manipulate matter on an atomic level. That would give him the winning edge over the Hulk’s brute strength.

The Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

3. The Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

It’s the board that would help this guy. Not only could he physically move through the Hulk’s punches, he would be able to tow the green giant into space and drop him into Galactus’s gullet. After all, if the planet eater could destroy entire worlds, we think he’d be able to destroy the Hulk.

Jean Gray from the X-Men series

2. Jean Gray from the series

If her powers from : The Last Stand are any indication, we think Jean Gray would be a shoe-in to beat the Hulk. After all, wouldn’t she just be able to make him disintegrate like she did to Professor Xavier?

Syndrome from The Incredibles

1. Syndrome from

Here’s a ringer that not everyone would have thought of, but the villain from the Pixar classic (voiced by Jason Lee) was able to completely immobilize Mr. Incredible with his zero-point energy. Who’s to say he couldn’t do the same to the Hulk and just left him drift off into space.


The Waffler from Mystery Men

The Waffler from Mystery Men

If you remember the audition scene from Mystery Men, then you remember a little-known comedian at the time named Dane Cook giving his all as the Waffler. It’s not that we think the Waffler would stand a chance. We’d just love to watch Dane Cook be squished like a rotten grape by Bruce Banner’s alter ego.

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