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Heroes Goes Hyper In Season Three Premiere

The first episode of Heroes season three screened at Comic-Con, and it has as many twists and turns as any three episodes from season two. The show hits the ground running, with a spicy blend of action and theatrics, topped with a huge helping of cheese. It's nothing but Heroes spoilers, after the jump.

The Q&A at the Heroes panel wasn't particularly exciting, but it was made up for by the showing of the entire premiere episode, which was pretty much non-stop crazy. Various sites were liveblogging the panel, and here's our synthesis of all of the synopses that made it online.

So, in a nutshell, we start four years in the future, when evil future Claire has a gun on evil future Peter. FP begs FC to let him go back in time to the "day they all found out." She shoots at him, but he stops time and ducks out of the bullet's path. Then he puts on a bitchin trenchcoat and goes back in time to shoot Present Nathan. Claire sees the news of Nathan's shooting and phones up to ask if he needs some of her magic blood. But it's too late — Nathan is DEAD! For like a second, then he's all better.

Claire's at home when Sylar busts in on her, saying he wants what she has. (I don't think that blonde hair would look good on Zachary Quinto.) She tries to get away, but he's using his telekinetic powers to lock all the doors and stuff.

Hiro finds a DVD of his dad talking about his "destiny" which leads him to a safe that he must never open, so of course he opens it. It contains another DVD of his dad saying "I told you never to open the safe!" And then talking about how only one with pure blood can safeguard the Heroes. And then there's an envelope with a chemical chart — which Daphne the speedster steals before Hiro can read it.

Meanwhile, Mohinder and Maya talk about stress levels and how adrenalin can boost your superpowers. Somehow, from Maya's blood, Mohinder manages to synthesize a vial of Promycin stuff that will give superpowers to anyone.

Matt confronts Present Peter about the fact that his fingerprints are on the gun that shot Nathan. He tries to read Present Peter's mind but just gets fuzz. And then Present Peter turns into Future Peter, and uses telekinesis to push Matt out of the room, gun in hand.

Nathan goes to church and talks about how he was brought back from the dead for a reason, and how he saw God and now he has a purpose. Future Peter is going to try and shoot Nathan again, but instead he takes Nathan back to his hospital room, still rambling about angels and shit. And then it turns out Linderman the super-healer — who isn't dead, duh — saved Nathan's life. Linderman tells Nathan they're meant to do great things together. Malcolm McDowell FTW! Meanwhile, Niki/Jessica talks to a governor about Nathan.
Claire locks herself in a closet, totally stymying Sylar, whose powers don't work on closets. Then Sylar finds files about Level 5 and starts reading them. Claire sneaks up and stabs him, but that doesn't slow him down. Then he grabs Claire and cuts the top of her head off. Ooky. He pokes around in her brain and finds the source of her powers. Sylar says he's looking for answers before he bleeds to death. Claire asks if Sylar's going to eat her brain, and he says that's disgusting. Sylar finally gains Claire's ability, and pulls the knife out of his chest, healing himself. He almost leaves Claire dead, but puts her skull back together, and she heals as well. He says neither of them can die.

Maya wants Mohinder to destroy the vial of Promycin, but he's excited by the idea of anybody being able to have powers. Mohinder almost destroys the vial, but injects himself instead.

Hiro wants to find out why Daphne is stealing the heroes' secrets. Ando thinks this means another trip to the past, but instead it means a visit to the future. And then we see Future Hiro and Future Ando, having an argument. Future Ando — who has superpowers — zaps Future Hiro with a red fireball. Yatta! Present Hiro runs around the corner and sees Future Tokyo being destroyed in an apocalyptic hell.

Angela is at the side of Nathan, whispering to him. Turns out her superpower has something to do with giving Nathan weird dreams. And then she asks Future Peter what he's done with her son. FP says Present Peter is somewhere safe. And that's when we see the big bald guy locked up in Level 5 shouting that he's Peter Petrelli.

Matt is in the desert, where Future Peter put him. He finds a cool painting of the world exploding on a big rock. Linderman is standing over Nathan in the hospital, while Mohinder beats up some thieves with his newly acquired super-strength. We pan from Mohinder's super-hands to the desert mural of the world exploding, while Mohinder talks about stuff.

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