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Mistakes That Were Found In The Dark Knight…See If You Can Spot Them!

We all know we want to go see The Dark Knight a million times at least. So while you watch it your million and first time look at this list I found of mistakes in the film…(I will not read one of them…I haven’t even seen it once yet!!!)(And for those people reading this on your phone…keep this list handy as a check list at the theatre…everyone will love you for it!)

FInd out all the mistakes people found…after the jump….

Continuity: When Harvey Dent loses his face and is lying in the hospital bed, when he’s turned with the damaged side against the pillow, we can see the inside of the side of his mouth which should be damaged, but it’s fully intact. Then when he turns it’s suddenly burned away.
Continuity: On the prisoner’s ferry, supposedly just before midnight, the prisoner stands up to take the detonator from the guard. As he stands up, the clock shows it’s roughly 11:30/11:35. Then his body covers the clock and he moves forward. When you see the clock again, it shows it’s just before midnight.
Revealing: During the end of the car chase, when the Joker is out of his truck and Batman is on the Batpod coming towards him, you can see a store sign that reads “Chicago Supply”.
Continuity: When Bruce Wayne is talking to Alfred while having his arm stitched, in shots from the side he’s looking downwards, but in other shots he’s looking up towards Alfred.
Other: In the scene where Joker is goading the one guard until the guard can no longer control himself: each time the Joker is shown goading him, there is a large piece of glass on the window ledge behind the Joker. It is really obvious, and makes it easy to guess what is about to happen. This piece of glass is much thicker than any of the other shattered pieces of glass on the ledge.
Continuity: In the scene where Alfred is stitching up Bruce, Bruce says “I was meant to inspire people” and as he says “people” the shot changes and his lips aren’t moving but the audio track continues.
Factual error: After the tunnel ambush when they get air support again they show the view from the helicopter of a SWAT member with an M16 and an EOTech sight attached. If you look closely the red dot scope is mounted backwards on the weapon.
Continuity: In the car chase, as they exit onto lower 5th, the convoy has, in order, a police cruiser, 2 swat vans, then 2 cruisers. When the garbage truck pulls up next to the convoy, he takes out the second to last cruiser first (there is a car visible behind). It then spins out another cruiser in front of it before reaching the van with Dent in it, but there should have been no other cruiser between that one and the van
Continuity: Joker and Two-face are in the hospital; Harvey is about to flip the coin to decide if the Joker lives or dies. The camera angle switches back and forth between the Joker and Harvey. From one angle Harvey is wearing the monitor clamp on his middle finger with the grey wire, from the other angle it is gone. It disappears and re-appears every time the camera angle changes.
Continuity: When Two-Face has hold of Gordon’s kid and is flipping the coin to “decide” who gets to live, he flips and catches it in his left hand. Between flips, there’s a close-up of the kid’s face, and Two-Face is stroking the kid’s hair - with his left hand. No coin in sight.
Continuity: In the scene where the Joker is robbing the mob bank (in the first 3 minutes of the film), a Clown Thug is seen knocking down the security guard in the background. A few shots later, the same security guard is knocked down in the same manner before the Clown Thug is shot.
Continuity: When pointing the gun at himself, the Joker’s finger is on the hammer in one scene, and in the next, his finger is pointing straight up.
Continuity: The Joker’s hair length changes dramatically throughout the film. It is noticeably shorter in the police interrogation scene than in the rest of the film.
Continuity: In the scene where Batman is interrogating the Joker, Batman hits his right hand, but in the next shot the Joker is examining his left hand.
Continuity: During the Batman/Joker interrogation scene, the amount of make up on Joker’s face changes between shots. This is particularly noticeable on his chin and forehead, and is not consistent with reasonable rub off from the altercation.
Continuity: In the scene where Batman is interrogating the Joker at the police station, Batman pins the Joker up against the wall with his arm at the Joker’s neck effectively holding him in place. There are two different camera angles used back and forth - in camera angle one the joker is clenching Batman’s arm from underneath, while in the other shot the Joker’s arm is draped over the top of Batman’s arm.
Continuity: When Bruce first walks off onto his balcony during the party, he completely empties his glass over the edge. When Rachel comes out to speak with him, his glass still has a small amount of champagne left in it.
Continuity: When Batman is about to glide into Lau’s building they show him standing on the ledge about two meters from the corner, ready to make his jump. Cut camera angle to an overhead shot and he is standing on the corner of the building when he makes his jump.
Continuity: In the scene in the warehouse where Harvey Dent was held hostage, when Batman gets him outside and the building explodes, Dent’s face and some of his left side catches on fire. You can see him bring his hands to his face to try and put out the fire while he’s lying on the ground. Yet in the hospital scene a bit later, his hand(s) are completely wound free.
Other: Once inside Lau’s building, Lau’s bodyguards fire several shots at Batman while he is fighting. The bullets shatter the glass partitions inside the office but the exterior windows of the building, directly in the line of fire and only a few feet further than the partitions, are all entirely undamaged.
Factual error: The way Two-Face’s face moves is impossible given the extent of his injuries. His lips, cheeks, and eyes all move in such a way that would require muscles which are missing.

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