Friday, August 8, 2008

Britney Spears To Be Lesbian Stripper in ‘Pussycat’?

Britney Spears to play a Lesbian Stripper in Faster PUssycat Kill Kill

How perfect is it that Quentin Tarantino may have chosen pop star turned trashy drama queen Britney Spears to star in his Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! alongside hardcore porn star turned actress Tera Patrick?

Telegraph appears to be confirming last January’s rumor that Tarantino was considering Britney Spears, Eva Mendes, and Kim Kardashian with its recent suggestion that the princess of pop—whose acting career basically consists of a horrific performance in Crossroads, when she was cute and attractive, and a handful of comedic cameos on the CBS series “How I Met Your Mother,” after she had become crazy and not so attractive — might have beat out both Kardashian and Mendes for a part as one of his leading ladies.

What pushes this story over the top, though, is that Spears’ character, should she get the part, is a lesbian stripper/murderer. I’m not sure which part of that is more frightening: the possibility of Britney trying to mack on a hottie like Tera Patrick, or the possibility of having to see her chunky ass naked, or nearly naked for that matter, on the big screen. Either way, I’m not all that happy about the situation.

Given Tarantino’s penchant for wacky casting choices — apparently he just cast director Eli Roth in his upcoming Inglorious Bastards instead of award-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio — Spears’ addition to Pussycat should come as no surprise. Honestly, though, I feel bad for the girl. She’s probably doing this in an attempt to get her career back on track after her last album, ‘Blackout’ bombed. But unless she recruits a personal trainer before filming begins she’s just going to look like total crap next to Patrick. Not to mention that she’s the one of the laziest crazy celebs out there, so Tarantino’s decision to cast her in a lead role in a movie—one of those things that requires a lot of hours of hard work—is a risky one.

At any rate, we’ll keep our eyes out for any clarifications with regard to this whole situation, so make sure you don’t lose any sleep over it just yet.

If Spears is cast in Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, do you think she’ll be allowed to have a single on the soundtrack?

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