Friday, September 19, 2008

The 5 Worst Teenage Cover Bands

We’d like to salute these youngsters for getting up onstage and giving it their all. If these kids keep practicing, they’ll surely get better. But until then, let’s all enjoy the lighter side of teenagers learning how to play their instruments.

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5. Iron Man - Unnamed 7th Grade Talent Show Band
When this first starts out you’re sort of like, “Hey, this isn’t too bad.” And then the drums kick in and the rhythm goes to hell and then it all just completely falls apart. Sort of like Ozzy’s life.

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4. Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Hackley School Band
Say what you will about her vocal stylings, but the singer has got moxie. But the high point of this video, in my opinion, is the searing solo at the 2:52 mark. That dude can totally shred.

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3. Everlong - Unnamed Talent Show Band
The music here is really good. Everyone’s in tune and the guitars sound remarkably like the original. But if they’re going to make it on the teenage cover band circuit, they may want to look into getting a new singer.

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2. By The Way - Another Unnamed Teenage Band
I think these guys are Scandanavian, so I can’t fault him for not knowing the English lyrics. But no white culture can be forgiven for beat boxing. I’m sorry.

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1. The Final Countdown
Shouldn’t 14-year-olds try to cover something edgy like Slayer or Pantera or Sepultura or Cannibal Corpse? Covering Europe is a lot like covering Barry Manilow.

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