Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Slams Jon Stewart: Sometimes a Teen Pregnancy is Just a Teen Pregnancy

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Last week, The Daily Show suggested that Bill O'Reilly may have been a touch hypocritical in asking America to reserve judgment on Sarah and Todd Palin for letting their teenage daughter get pregnant, while condemning Jamie Lynn Spears' parents for letting their teenage daughter get pregnant:

Not about to let his honor be besmirched, the typically reticent O'Reilly fired back this week:

Well put. The Palin-Spears saga isn't about teen pregnancy. It's about effective chaperoning. You see, the pinhead Spears let their 16-year-old daughter run wild and get pregnant out of wedlock, while the responsible Palins made sure their 17-year-old daughter had a nurturing, supportive environment in which to get pregnant out of wedlock.

Perhaps Bill O'Reilly was privy to their dinner conversation:

Sarah Palin: Todd, the hockey team captain is coming over later to have unprotected sex with Bristol, but I have to shoot a pack of lost wolf cubs out of a helicopter tonight. Can you make sure they help themselves to the leftover moose jambalaya?

Todd Palin: Ok, I'll keep an eye on them.

Piper Palin: Mommy, what's sex?

Sarah Palin: How political props are made, honey.

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