Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iron Man Clips Show Stripper-Pole Antics And Armored Mishaps

By Meredith Woerner

The new Iron Man DVD is out today, and here is a sampling of what you're going to see, courtesy of Myspace. We've got Tony drunk with War Machine and seconds away from joining the mile high club, visual effects test scenes and more Pepper/Tony moments. Check them out: Robert Downey Jr. has never been cuter than paired with a drunk Terrence Howard.

Stripper Pole Jet

Iron Man Extended Scene - Fun on the Plane

Pepper And Broken Tony

Iron Man Deleted Scene – Pepper and Tony in Dubai

Tony Comes Home To 1,713 Voice Mails

Iron Man Deleted Scene – Tony Comes Home

ILM Iron Man Test

ILM Iron Man Test

Iron Man Visual Effects

Visual Effects of Iron Man

Original here

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