Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain to Me How These are Kids Shows?

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OK let’s face it. Kids shows are really weird. Sometimes beyond weird. I for one as an adult have tried my best to stop understanding why a teletubby has so much appeal to a 3 year old. I’ve stopped pondering why the penis-like nose of a Sponge Bob or whacky voice of Barney holds the attention of kids.

Unless our children are in fact aliens from another planet eventually planning to take our world, which seems like a more plausible explanation to me. Whatever it is, children’s shows are pretty freaky to me.

And not only weird and scary, pretty inappropriate as well. Here are 8 videos to prove my point. The fact that these are actual shows (and movies) baffles me.

Teletubby Accidental Porn


Japanese Toilet Training

What? WHAT?

British Television Show “Rainbow”

Now this is how you learn to get ass.

Kids Incorporated

If you go on a date and it’s paid for? You owe the guy sex, period.

The Sponge Bob Ones

Check out the one where he licks the sand.

Ok, What the hell is this? Wiggles?

This just gave me nightmares.

Some Creepy Clay Video That was Banned

How in the world could any kid enjoy this?

Little Mermaid Erection

I don’t know how they slipped that in there, but it’s damned funny

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