Monday, February 23, 2009

"Madea" takes on the Oscars

By Carl DiOrio

Filmmaker Tyler Perry speaks after receiving the award for media at the BET Reuters – Filmmaker Tyler Perry speaks after receiving the award for media at the BET Honors Awards in Washington, …

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Oscar weekend tends to be a bit iffy at the boxoffice, but a strategically targeted release can open solidly.

This year, that movie is Tyler Perry's latest comedy "Madea Goes to Jail," which baits a well-established fan base for the prolific filmmaker in urban markets.

Perry pictures almost never cross over significantly to broader audiences, but most of his recent releases have rung up $20 million during their opening weekends.

By that measure, his previous film represented something of a misfire. "The Family That Preys" bowed with $17.4 million in September and grossed only $37.1 million domestically.

Perry's "Meet the Browns" opened last March with $20.1 million and rang up $42 million domestically. And his "Why Did I Get Married?" opened in October 2007 with $21.4 million and logged $55.2 million overall.

Elsewhere, this weekend is more of a crapshoot. Sony Screen Gems has the only other wide opener, the PG-13 teen comedy "Fired Up!" and early reviews have been less than kind.

But with a negative cost of less than $20 million," "Fired Up!" would be firing on all cylinders if it can climb into the upper-single-digit millions this weekend -- a feat by no means assured from limp prerelease tracking data. As such, it is unlikely to finish high among the session's rankings.

Defending champ "Friday the 13th" should grab the silver medal. After slicing off $43.6 million during the four-day Presidents Day weekend, look for Warner Bros.' horror remake to gross somewhere in the teen millions this weekend.

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