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Have You Heard the One About the Rapper That Mooned The Nazis?

By Keegan Hamilton in LOLZ

The National Socialist Movement (the American Nazi Party) held a rally in St. Louis on April 18 under the Gateway Arch, and in response, a large crowd gathered to protest the Nazis. Police and park rangers erected barricades to separate the two groups.
Photo: David Walthall
Park Rangers and St. Louis police kept the two groups on opposite sides of the Arch, but it was a distance that couldn't stop a moonrise.
Several media outlets, including the RFT, covered the event. Here's the slideshow that was posted on the Daily RFT, to give you an idea of what the crowd and atmosphere was like.

Among the protesters was Tef Poe, a hip-hop artist from St. Louis. This fact might have gone unnoticed, if not for the caption on this picture submitted to the website for the Post-Dispatch:
Park Ranger.jpg
Intrigued, we called up Tef Poe to hear his Nazi mooning story. Here it is, verbatim save for a bit of minor editing for clarity and conciseness:

When I went to go down there I was amped. I woke up early in the morning, caught the bus like three hours beforehand. I got dressed up like I was going to a job interview. I was looking forward to it.

When the rally actually started about there were about 150 of 'em [Nazis]. They started marching and I went into go mode.
I started yelling all kinds of stuff. It was mostly funny to me that these guys are dedicating their lives to come out and do this. It's idiotic but noble at same time. I don't agree with views at all but I respect their dedication.

Anyhow, I started having direct, back and forth conversations with them. Before I knew it every media outlet was talking to me...They said we're going to follow you around cause you're the only entertainment.

Tef Poe Mug.jpg
Tef Poe
I had the crowd chanting 'Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart' and stuff like that. One of the main Nazis started talking and when he stopped to take a breath I yelled 'Your breath smells like hot dog water!'

Then he hung his hand out and made a noose. And I'm like 'Ooh I'm scared.' I was heckling the heck out of them dudes.' I came out to make their lives a little harder and have fun and laugh at 'em.

Eventually I yelled something and he said 'You shut your black ass up!' And then I said 'I got a black ass for you!' And turned around and mooned him.

Then cops came over. They were park rangers or something. I could tell they weren't from St. Louis because they had a country twang accent-- they from part of Missouri that calls it Mizz-urr-UH. He said 'Son, if you drop your trousers one more time I'm going to ask you to leave.'

I went to actor mode. I figured if he did something it'll be on caught on camera. I said 'You need to be asking them to leave. They're spreading this hateful bullshit.' People clapped and applauded.

He didn't do nothing. He turned around and said 'If you drop those trousers again I'll ask you to leave.'

After a while I was like 'I better chill out. He's looking for somebody to get ignorant on.'

All in all, the rally was fun. I wish I could go to one every day. I could travel with them and have some fun.

You can download Tef Poe's latest release Glory 2 God: The Mixtape for free by clicking here. He performs with his older brother Black Spade Friday night at the Black Label Gallery Lounge.

More photos from the rally:
Photo: David Walthall

Photo: David Walthall
Flippin' the bird.
Photo: David Walthall
Police discouraged shooting photos of them convening under this overpass just south of the Arch, but this photo was snapped from a car outside the rally.
Photo: David Walthall
It rained steadily throughout the protest.

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