Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 of the coolest Star Wars videos ever made

Over at The-TrukstoP.com, we had a series of posts called "10 of the coolest Star Wars images ever made" - all of which have been quite popular. The series continues over there, but here at DayoftheJedi.com, it was time to renew the concept with a spin-off series - looking at a different form of online media: videos!

Below you will see a variety of videos - fan made, professionally completed, mashed up, serious, and funny. Here we go:

1. George Lucas in Love

George Lucas in Love is a spoof of Shakespeare in Love - done with a complete twist of Star Wars. Watch closely and see Lucas' inspirations for the Star Wars series as he faces his final challenge in college.

2. The Vader Sessions

Many of you have seen the Star Wars/Coming to America mashup that went viral recently - this video, in my opinion, is by far better. It uses dialogue by James Earl Jones from a whole range of his movies; and will have you in stitches - especially when Vader faces Princess Leia for the first time...

3. Darth Vader being a smartass

Another classic. So simple, yet so perfectly conducted - this quickly became a favorite among numerous Star Wars fans online, and was very popular on a number of MySpace profiles.

4. The NEW Star Wars Gangsta Rap

We've all seen the original - and here's the new one: the sequel to Star Wars Gangsta Rap. This one is more intense, with more swearing and violence all the way round. Enjoy - but be aware: it may be considered NSFW.

5. Pink Five

Star Wars Fan Films have been around for years, but it's only been in the last decade that they've been receiving the recognition the filmmakers have been striving for. Pink Five was featured on the AtomFilms Star Wars Fan Film contest, and won the coveted "George Lucas Selects" award in 2003.

6. RVD2 - Ryan vs Dorkman 2

What began as a simple idea for a high school project evolved into one of the biggest and most famous viral videos online. The original, Ryan vs Dorkman, attained legendary status with millions of views. The sequel above is of no exception to the original: the choreography is superb, and the visual effects are outstanding. One would hope that if George Lucas ever got around to making the Sequel Trilogy, that these guys would be swept up to help with lightsaber choreography!

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi buys a Used Car

From the BBC show, Deadringers, Obi-Wan Kenobi attempts to secure passage to "Aldershot" - via a meeting with a used car salesman. The hilarity begins from the very start of the video...

8. Star Wars Kid

No Star Wars video list would be complete without this guy. The video above was, I believe, the first to surface with lightsaber visual effects. For those curious, the Star Wars Kid is, in fact, Ghyslain Raza from Canada. You can read more about how this video became a success at Wikipedia. I remember seeing a petition online to convince George Lucas to cast him in Episode III, but alas, it never came to be...

9. Star Wars / Coming to America

As mentioned above, here is the Coming to America mash-up - integrating James Earl Jones' lines into the film instead of using Darth Vader's. Quite humorous - A-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

10. Star Wars according to a 3-year-old

The most recent viral video related to Star Wars. Listen intently to the most amazing recount of "an exciting movie"... A fantastic video - worth a look; and a lol...

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