Sunday, March 30, 2008

Transformers 2 Filming Underway? Barricade Spotted!

A set of photos sent over by a friend this afternoon might lead you to believe that the filming of Transformers 2 is getting close to being underway. The pictures were snapped from a camera phone in Culver City, and they are clearly Saleen Mustangs with the Decepticon logo on the side. This just might prove that even if things have not started yet, they are getting close. We reported not long ago that Michael Bay worked on the story during the Writer’s Strike and that writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were excited to get things underway.

Transformers Saleen Mustang
Transformers Saleen Mustang
Transformers Saleen Mustang

The most recent update was that the script is currently in the working stage, with the production set to start in June, but I don’t think that Mr. Bay would let that stop him from blowing some stuff up. As well, you will notice that there are multiple instances of Barricade, the Saleen Mustang Decepticon. Conspiracy theorists would say that maybe Transformers 2 features multiple versions of Barricade — but that is a pretty wild theory. I would imagine it has to do with needing more than one for special effects purposes — you know, just in case one should get blown up. Which would be, to say the least, awesome.

So what do you think? Is this a significant discovery, leading you to believe that Michael Bay is getting the production of Transformers 2 in gear? Or is this just some dude with 3 replicas? I doubt that it is the latter.

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