Tuesday, April 15, 2008

‘Barbarella’ Lives With Rose McGowan To Star

Rose McGowanA while back, we learned that Robert Rodriguez would be remaking the classic Jane Fonda film Barbarella. We also learned that actress — and Rodriguez significant other — Rose McGowan would be playing the title character. After that, it all went downward with many little speedbumps and disagreements and restrictions holding it all off; including budget and even McGowan as the lead.

Now comes a different story, as Rose McGowan is saying that none of those restrictions are true. MTV explains that she told MTV News that she has contracts, pieces of the set, costumes, and all sorts of wacky pre-production work to prove that this movie is still going forward and that she is definitely playing the iconic Barbarella. The only problem holding things up right now is that there’s another possible strike looming, this time with the actors and SAG.

I really have no idea what this means. I assume she has no reason to lie about all of this and she has these contracts no one will actually ask to see, but at the same time, it’s not quite “official,” is it? I guess we can only take this as it is with a little salt and various other baking ingredients.

I, personally, don’t like McGowan as the lead here. She’s got a good look and she’s very attractive and I assume she’s willing to not wear much clothing, as that is a big part of what we know as Barbarella — but can she really carry an entire film? I’ve never seen her as a BAD actress, but also never seen her as a leading-caliber one, either. I think her whole career has been made playing the “bitchy best friend” character and that she’s done very well there, and that asking her to carry this whole film and make it a success might be a bit of a tall order.

What’s the consensus: do you guys think she should lead here? Better yet, do you think she can?

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