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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Reason Why Tila Tequila Is Famous

Do you ever wonder why certain people are famous? Especially when they are four-foot gremlin-faced whores? Well, here’s the story, according to a friend of mine who worked at (the website for the now defunct Stuff Magazine.)

Back in 2005, the editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the Internet. He called down to the online department and said, “Hey, tell me who has a lot of Myspace friends,” because he wanted to put someone on the cover of Stuff who had a “lot of Myspace friends.” The brilliant marketing plan behind this was based on the thinking that if someone on the cover had a million Myspace friends, then all those “friends” would buy that magazine and sales would skyrocket. What it showed, instead, was a complete lack of understanding of how the Internet works. When someone has a million Myspace friends, it just means that he/she spends the majority of his/her day clicking “add as a friend” or “accept.” They aren’t pals who sit around and reminisce about the good times they’ve had.

So, the online guy took 10 seconds (honestly, 10 seconds) and found a girl with an assload of MySpace friends. That, girl, of course, was Tila Tequila, and she appeared on the April 2006 cover of Stuff.

The editor’s big plan failed (the cover sold the same as every other one), but Tila Tequila somehow got famous. A girl whose biggest claim to fame up to that point had been a Playboy cyber girl in 2002 (which is basically the sewage drain of wannabe models) and some other crap you never saw. She even attempted to enter Maxim’s Hometown Hotties in 2005, but was too stupid to mail in the proper forms.

Instead of letting Tila fade off into the world of failed models who end up in hardcore pornography, the Stuff cover put her in the mainstream media. Now we have to hear her singing about sucking cock til she hurls and see her star in yet another reality show. Thanks, Stuff Magazine.

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