Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fanboys Shoot it Out

Shot during our trip to Comic Con San Diego a few weeks ago, here is Kevin and Dana being interviewed by Peter Guber on AMC's Shooutout which airs in its entirety on Sunday, August 10 at 11AM.

In this clip from Sunday's show, Dana and Kevin discuss the tremendous support for the heart and soul of the film from the grassroots level--and how Harvey Weinstein eventually came back from the dark side of the Force.

This marks the beginning of the Ewok style victory celebration (we've got the bonfire and steel drums made out of Stormtrooper helmets in the office (not really)) that Kevin, Dana, director Kyle Newman, and the rest of team FANBOYS must be gearing up for after winning the battle to keep the cancer subplot in the film--and staying true to the real fanboys and fangirls who spoke out to preserve it.

This may prove that Fanboys was ahead of the curve, already with some die hard supporters of its own. Credit not only goes to the fans and the 501st for their support, but most importantly to George Lucas, whose support of the film allowed it to stay true to the ultimate source material: the Star Wars movies themselves.

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