Friday, August 1, 2008

Top 5 Daily Show Ted Stevens Moments

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As reported yesterday, Ted Stevens, the longest serving member of the Senate, was indicted on criminal charges related to "gifts" he received and "failed to report."

Stevens has brought much joy over the years, mostly in the form of virulent, angry outbursts and a complete lack of understanding of how the series of tubes that comprises the internet works.

So, in honor of his long awaited indictment, we take a look back at The Daily Show's finest coverage of this former Senate Pro Tempore.

#5 - Ted Stevens attempts to censor cable programming:

#4 - Ted Stevens calls the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge "Hell":

#3 - Ted Stevens votes in support of torture:

#2 - Ted Stevens would rather lose his job then than lose his "bridge to nowhere":

#1- Ted Stevens explains the internets for you:

Oh, what the heck -- here are a few more:

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