Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Exclusive Obama Anthem from Eyes On Obama & The Real Right

By timran

We wanted to do something special to mark the last week of the campaign, and so we've recorded a song to help keep you pumped up as the election approaches. We hope you like it! If you do, please email it to your friends. The lyrics are posted below.

You may be wondering what is. Well, we've had so much fun covering the election season that we've decided to continue on after Obama is elected. We thought a new name was in order, and so we selected Our tagline is "Impartial and Unbiased" (tongue firmly planted in cheek). The site is now operational, but we're still working all the kinks out of it.

The short version is that if you're a member of, you're already a member of The Real Right. We'll be covering more than just political horse races though - the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, education, climate change - everything's fair game.

We hope we give you plenty of reasons to stick around after the election is over!

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Back against the wall
But ain't got no reason to be scared at all
Hope is on the way
Tomorrow's gonna be a brighter day
So come stand with me
Go hand in hand make history
There ain't no turning back
Everyone say yes we can

Verse 1
I'm free to do just what you say
I'm free to let you have your way
There's so much freedom to endure
Oh what a price to feel secure
And in your world of black and white
Am i what's wrong and you're what's right?
Shades of grey are back again
Your reign of terror's at an end

Verse 2
A coalition of the meek
Been scared too long afraid to speak
We can't afford more of mcsame
And now we're desperate for some change
It's time to stand up for what's right
It's time to get in to the fight
Let's give 'em something real to fear
Cause we all know the fall is near

Young and old now
Come together
Sisters brothers
Come together
Black, white, latino
Come together
Let's stand united

Video from "Sign of Hope & Change"
Featuring sunrise footage of BlueMarvel.

Original here

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